Framing Construction

Indianapolis Framing Experts

Indianapolis Framing Experts

Framing is putting together the pieces or frames so that your structure can have the support and shape it was designed to. Based on request the materials can be wood, engineering wood and/or structural steel. Two broad categories are heavy frame construction and light frame construction. Then based on materials this can be subdivided further into wood, steel aluminum and structural framing.

Profile Restoration Services LLC understand that the framing must be accurate. If the framing is poor quality, the drywall won't be flat, the floors will squeak, and doors will not close correctly. For these reasons, it is very important to select a professional remodeling contractor you can trust. Profile Restoration Services LLC puts attention to detail and we're professional and experienced house framers. We have the team in place to take your framing project from design to completion.

We can help you with the following types of frames:

  • Wood
  • Structural Framing
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